No School

Wednesday, February 27th…No School today.  Enjoy your day and stay safe and warm.

Montessori Philosophy, Fundraising and Community

A little history, Maria Montessori first opened her Children’s House in the slums of Rome to serve impoverished children who had been left wandering the streets while their parents worked. Montessori schools have been held in churches, villages and even refugee camps. Dr. Montessori has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and the Montessori […]

Montessori Elementary School Coming Up Night

On Tuesday February 10th at 7:00pm, Maple Tree Montessori will be hosting a parent event for all families considering Montessori Elementary School for their child. This will be an informational meeting between parents and our Lower and Upper Elementary teachers. If your child is a Kindergarten student and you are considering Montessori for 1st grade, […]

Upcoming Events

Maple Tree Montessori Academy is pleased to invite you to attend our first ever Celebration of Performing Arts. This exciting event will be held at the Hartland Music Hall on Tuesday, December 9th at 7:00 pm and will feature performances by our Suzuki Violin students, Music and Dance by our elementary students and skits performed […]

Seasonal Reminders

The snowflakes and the tempatures are falling and winter is on the way! A good time it seems for a few seasonal reminders. We will still be going outside on a daily basis unless the wind chill is below 20 or it is raining, please send clearly labeled winter clothing for your child. Snow pants, boots, mittens and […]

Morning Drop Off

Thank you Tricia, for sending a reminder to our parents about A.M. drop off. I do regret that in my excitement over all our new programs for 2008, I did not cover this well at Parent Night. I thought it was included in our August Newsletter, but I was mistaken, it was in September’s. Many of […]

First Week of School

We are all happy and excited to be back at school. The students are all full of enthusiam and eager to learn, glad to see their friends and teachers. The Upper Elementary class is off to a great start and they are all working together to develop their classroom and to balance their daily schedule. […]

Pizza Fridays

Fridays will be Pizza Day at Maple Tree Montessori. The Upper Elementary will organize and run a year long fundraiser for their classroom by ordering, selling and distributing pizza by the slice. We don’t have all the details yet because this is a class project and will be set up by the class. The hot […]

Suzuki Violin

We are happy that many of our parents have expressed a strong interest in establishing a Suzuki Violin program at our Maple Tree Montessori. If you have not responded and are interested we encourage you to respond as soon as possible. We will be tallying up the expected price and class size for the group […]

Hot Lunches for 2008

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering Hot Lunch as an option on Mondays and Wednesdays this school year. The company we have chosen to provide our lunch service is “Savor The Season”. We are very excited about the choices that they are offering us and the fact they they provide natural […]