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Morning Drop Off

Thank you Tricia, for sending a reminder to our parents about A.M. drop off. I do regret that in my excitement over all our new programs for 2008, I did not cover this well at Parent Night. I thought it was included in our August Newsletter, but I was mistaken, it was in September’s. Many of you may remember this drop off process from past years, it has worked very well.

When you pull in to drop off, pull up as far as you can. Along the fence and in the north parking spaces, form 2 lines. Then blend into one line near the door by alternating cars. Always pull up as far as possible and when in doubt, be kind. Of. course there is not room for a double line between the island and U.S. 23 since we need to allow room for parents to safely leave after they have dropped off their child.

Ms Sherry will be out directing traffic this coming week, to help parents to learn this pattern. We will also have a Lower Elementary staff member out to work our drop off and several volunteer parents. I am sure that we can all work together to resolve our concerns and keep everyone safe. Thanks for your help, patience and cooperation.


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