Upper Elementary

We are pleased to be providing an Upper Elementary Montessori program since 2008! This class continues the child’s development along, and based upon, the foundations of learning that have been established in the earlier classes. Open ended research is the focus, with an emphasis on in-depth study. This allows for a cohesive program that connects The Great Lessons and aids the child’s awareness of the expansive knowledge of History, Geography and the Sciences. Concrete materials continue to aid in the development of Mathematical and Scientific abstract thought and learning. Moral development and social responsibility become a continuity linking the child to the newly developing Citizen of the World in a gentle but constant progression that follows the child’s own inner development. Going Out, out into nature, out into the community, out to research, experience, and share with each other and the world this newly emerging understanding of the interrelatedness of all life, this is the heart of the Montessori Upper Elementary. Spanish becomes more fluent and composition is becoming a reality. Music, art, yoga and culinary experiences are integrated into the classroom on a continuing basis. The ages of the students in this class are 9 – 12 years, rounding out Maria Montessori’s second plane of development.

Shared Services Program

The Upper Elementary Program for 4th through 6th Grades and beyond at Maple Tree Montessori supplements our outstanding academic program by utilizing the State of Michigan’s Shared Services Program with Brighton Area Schools.

Our students’ educational opportunities are enhanced by additional instruction with Brighton Area Schools Teachers in the areas of Music, PE, Art, Foreign Languages and Computers.

We are very happy to offer these enhancements to our Montessori curriculum and have welcomed the opportunity to work with our colleagues from Brighton Area Schools since the inception of the shared time program.