Before and After Care Program

Our daycare service for students begins at 7:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm. Our goal is to provide a consistently loving environment for children who need all day care. When they are not in their regular classroom they may stay for extended hours in our daycare program. Our daycare is also a Montessori classroom, equipped with Montessori materials, and the same loving and secure environment found in their original classroom. The only difference is that there is no recording and charting of academics. The children still choose their own activities, when to have snack, and how long they will nap if needed. There is no television, only caring interactions with daycare staff and hands on activities. We find that this is the perfect compliment to our classrooms and provides our students with a nurturing and stimulating all day experience.

Parents may choose the hours that their child will attend and schedule this with the daycare supervisor. They are billed only for the hours that they use the daycare and the billing is scaled according to hours used. Children bring their own lunch and play outside everyday, weather permitting.