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Montessori Program for Toddlers

Maple Tree Montessori’s Toddler Community is a “home away from home” for our youngest students, age 12 to 36 months. we understand that the early years of a child’s life are a time of incredible growth and opportunity. Our Toddler Community is specifically designed for children aged 1-3 years, providing a safe, engaging, and nurturing environment that caters to their developmental needs and natural curiosity. Our Montessori trained staff provide a stimulating environment that engages each child with purposeful activities designed to encourage and support all areas of their unique development.

Our Toddler Classrooms

Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed with the unique Montessori approach in mind, where everything is at the child’s level, accessible, and ready to be a part of their learning experience. The furniture is child-sized, the materials are within easy reach, and the entire space is crafted to encourage your child’s independence and self-directed learning.

Following Dr. Maria Montessori’s observations that the young child has an “absorbent mind,” the sensory rich environment is prepared to encourage exploration within a community structure that meets the child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs through Practical Life and Language activities, Movement and develops self expression through Art and Music.

Daily Activities

Our daily activities in the Toddler Community focus on:

  • Practical Life Skills: From dressing themselves to helping set the snack table, toddlers enjoy activities that give them a sense of independence and accomplishment.
  • Sensorial Exploration: Using Montessori materials, children discover and understand their world through touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and hearing.
  • Language Development: Through songs, stories, and conversations, toddlers expand their vocabulary and begin to master the intricacies of language.
  • Social Skills: In a setting that encourages respect and community, children learn to interact with others, share, and play collaboratively.

Children may attend morning 8:30 to 11:30 or full day 8:30 to 3:30. Their schedule will include a gentle transition into the classroom, exploration and “work” time, outdoor time, snack, stories, songs and Spanish. Full day will also include community lunch, rest and nap times. Potty awareness and training is ongoing throughout the day. Before and aftercare is also available.

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