Thinking About Private Elementary School?

Many school districts in Livingston County are preparing for another year of budget cuts and adjustments to allow for the declining enrollment of students and therefore, declining income levels.

This is a cause for concern as many parents are reflecting on the possible effects of larger class sizes and changes in student / teacher ratios.

To the many parents who are looking for an alternative to this current climate of unpredictability, we would like to offer information about our Montessori Elementary school programs.

Maple Tree Montessori Academy is a fully licensed and registered private school located in Brighton, Michigan and easily accessible to most of Livingston County. We are currently offering an excellent educational program for children Preschool through the 6th grade with plans to expand to 8th grade.

We are Livingston County’s only non parochial, private school following the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. Maple Tree Montessori Academy is associated with the American Montessori Society and the Michigan Montessori Society. Our excellent and caring teachers have been trained by the American Montessori Society and are also affiliated with the North American Montessori Teacher’s Association, as well as the Association Montessori Internationale.

Our experienced and dedicated staff are devoted to the individualized Montessori Method of education. Recent research has shown that Dr. Montessori’s observations of children were not only correct, but way ahead of her time. This method of education, while being nurturing, individualized, stimulating and expansive for the child in every sense is also the leading form of “brain-based” education and is allowing children all over the world to become, holistically, the essence and practical experience of the human potential. The inner development of a child as a life long learner and a caring, citizen of the world was Dr. Montessori’s vision and it is ours as well.

In our classrooms, which are specifically prepared for each age group, their plane of development and the sensitive periods that accompany each age, every child is encouraged to explore, embrace and expand all realms of learning. Academics are all taught within an environment of social development, self direction and teacher guidance allowed by our low student to teacher ratio’s and a wealth of specialized materials that take each child from the concrete to the abstract guided by a teacher who is very experienced and sensitive to the child’s individual learning style and pace.

Extra’s include: Spanish, Montessori Music, Suzuki Violin, Guitar, Drama, Nature Education, Yoga, Art and Locomotion all integrated into a child’s day without disturbing the grounding and focused 3 hour work period that defines a quality Montessori educational experience.

If this sounds like the environment you would love for your child to experience as “school” please contact us for more information. MTMA will be holding an Open House on Saturday, May 7th from 11:00 – 1:00. This is a great time to visit, see the school and meet our wonderful staff.