The Great Lessons of the Montessori Elementary Curriculum

Maple Tree is excited to present our next Parent Study Group on February 13th @ 6:30 pm…”The Great Lessons”. The Great Lessons are the underlying foundation for the Montessori Elementary Cosmic Curriculum…”that from which all else comes”. Ms Hema will delight us with an actual and dynamic presentation of the First Great Lesson “The Coming of the Universe”. She and Mr. Kyle will then take us on a journey through:

2. ” The Coming of Life”
3. ” The Coming of Humans”
4. ” The Coming of Writing”

They will demonstrate how these basic lessons expand to create the flow that characterizes the “uncommon core” of a Montessori Elementary program. And then Mr. Kyle will close with a presentation of the Fifth Great Lesson, “The Coming of Numbers”.

This is an experiential opportunity not to be missed! Child care will be available for this special Parent Study Group. I hope you can all attend. Here is an interesting link of a video made to visualize the sequence of these Great Lessons…others are also available on YouTube.