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Parent Support

We would like to thank all the parents who have been so supportive and helpful in getting our school year off to a great start! Our Habitat work day was very productive, thanks to our volunteers. Rick (who is a great leader), Vivian, Malcom, Kimmer, Sandi, Josh, Jake, Joel, Cassandra, Dean, Helena,  Claudia, Aaron, Joey, Maya, Julia and Deb all contributed lots manpower, time and effort to restore the use of our trails, gardens, temperate forest and prairie. Thank you!!

We also have volunteers helping with our Suzuki Violin program…our thanks to you, Mindi and Nadia for helping us keep the flow of our classrooms intact during violin lessons. Thank you again, Cassandra…this time for offering to assist Aric with the Drama Program.  Danielle, thank you for offering to help with the distribution of our Equal Exchange Fundraiser and thanks to all of the parents and grandparents who supported our fundraising effort with your orders. Robin, how can we ever thank you for all of your support…we can’t even list all the ways you give to our community.It really does take a group effort to maintain a consistently excellent and cosmic curriculum for our students…we all appreciate your support and we will continue to provide opportunities for everyone to participate and to share in this experience, our school.

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