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Community Service and Fundraiser Projects

Upper Elementary is having a community service project for the month of April.  It is a food drive for Gleaners Food Bank.  We are collecting food for our community who can’t afford to buy food or are in hard times.  We will be taking the donations to Gleaners, April 2th, 2009.  People need our help and we try our best to help them. 

The Mountain Gorillas are in need of our help.  These animals are close to extinction and upper elementary are trying to do something before it is too late.  We here believe we can make a difference.  We are the, “Save the Gorillas Gang.”  We are raising money by selling tee-shirts, stickers and having a walk at the old Hartland High School track from 10:00a.m.-1p.m. on April 18th, 2009.

Thank you for your support,

Samantha 5th grade and Brook 4th grade

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