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Celebration of the Performing Arts

Maple Tree Montessori’s first ever Celebration of the Performing Arts was a wonderful sharing of joyful, funny, relaxed and confident performances. Our goal was to provide a low stress and fun experience for our performers and their parents. A first time for most of our students, we wanted to build confidence and excitement about their abilities and about sharing their emerging talents with an audience.

The skits that were done by the Drama class were very well chosen and presented with talent, humor and focus. The students were confident and enjoyed their first stage experience. Thank you to Aric and Nicole for all their hard work and encouragement…these students loved being on the stage!

 The Suzuki Violin students were also very focused and played their violin’s with confidence. They showed us all how well they have been attending and practicing with their new insturments. The notes and postures were done very well, especially considering that they have been so recently introduced to the violin. The students were very proud of their abilitiy and we thank Jessica for her gifted teaching and Jackie for all her support during lessons and during the performance.

Lower and Upper Elementary Montessori Music students shared the joy of singing and dance. They were delighted to perform and showed ability and confidence as well as demonstrating just how much they enjoy music. Julie works with them every week and they are also developing a strong base in rhythm, notation, and an appreciation of music on many levels. Thanks, Julie!

Thanks also to all the parents who support us in this expansion of our curriculm to include these important expereinces for our children. Practicing, costumes, cookies, as welll as attending and ejoying our wonderful performers on the stage…all of these are important contributions to a succesful show! Thank you!

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