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Suzuki Violin

We are happy that many of our parents have expressed a strong interest in establishing a Suzuki Violin program at our Maple Tree Montessori. If you have not responded and are interested we encourage you to respond as soon as possible. We will be tallying up the expected price and class size for the group lessons, time needed for individual lessons and the number of instruments that need to be purchased for students. Our plan is to make equipment available for lease to students and for this we need to have a pretty close count of the number of interested students. Suzuki music study is very compatible with Dr. Maria Montessori’s observations of sensitive periods of development and sensorial education. We are grateful to have the opportunity to provide Suzuki to the children of Livingston County and importantly to the students of Maple Tree Montessori. Please email us at info@mapletree.test if you would like to include your child in this program. There are many websites available on Suzuki, has some video’s to watch, and is most informative.

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