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Covid-19 Lesson #3 What is a Virus?

This is the third lesson on Coronavirus-19

Coronavirus Outbreak | What is a virus?

YouTube Questions

(Children will need to do research to answer some of these questions.)

What are the many puzzle pieces called that make up our body?

What is the function of the nucleus of the cell?

What is the part of the nucleus that tells the cells what to do?

What does RNA do?

What does the RNA that lives in the coronavirus do? 

How does the coronavirus enter the human body?  

When the coronavirus is in the human body what is it’s goal?

What does the novel coronavirus look like?

What  is round and has a lot of spikes on its surface?

What do the spikes on the surface of the novel coronavirus do?

Once i the human cell what does the coronavirus do?

What does the human immune system do to the coronavirus?

What does the immune system travel through to get to the coronavirus?

What are the causes that make the human body to cough and have a fever?

Where does the coronavirus like to live in the human body?

What condition does the coronavirus sometimes cause?

What is a vaccine?


Do you think there will one day be a cure or maybe a vaccine for the coronavirus-19? 

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