The History of Transportation Part #1

History of Transportation Part #1 Questions

  1.  What was our first mode of transportation?
  2. What mode of transportation did humans use between 4000 BC to 3000 BC?
  3. What three animals were and still are being used for transportation?
  4. What very important thing was invented in what we now call Iraq around 3500 BC?
  5. What was this thing made of at the time?
  6. What was the first vessel used for water transportation?
  7. What was it made from?
  8. What group of people invented the first sailing boat in 3100 BC
  9. What group of people built some of the first roads across Europe?
  10. Where and by whom was the first modern highway developed?
  11. Who built the first powerful, efficient steam engine?
  12. Who invented one of the earliest steam-powered cars?
  13. How many wheels did it have?
  14. In what year did Richard Trevithick built the first steam locomotive?
  15. What was the first bicycle technically called?
  16. How many pedals did the velocipede have?
  17. What is a tram?
  18. Where was the first electric tram line operated?
  19. What do you think replaces the tram in our society?
  20. In what year did Wilbur and Orville Wright make their first four flights in a powered aircraft?
  21. Who invented the first motor truck?
  22. What mode of transportation do you think is in store for us in the future?