Primary & Lower El Workbooks

Yea! Our workbooks are now available for download. Your Primary child may very well remember which workbook they are working on. If not, you can determine it by looking through the workbooks together. I would suggest that you “back up” a workbook to allow them to be successful as they rediscover the patterning of this very popular activity!

Younger children and start as soon as they know their sounds well and are able to write (somewhat). Remember, this is not a handwriting work! Encourage them to write as well as they are able, but do not focus on the handwriting quality. They will need help with the crayon page because those are sight words. They will also need help understanding what to to do on each page until they retain the patterns (which are repeated throughout) of the various pages.

Lower Elementary students are also welcome to practice these workbooks. They do progress into about a 2nd+ year reading level.

Workbooks 1-20

Workbook 1Download
Workbook 2Download
Workbook 3Download
Workbook 4Download
Workbook 5Download
Workbook 6Download
Workbook 7Download
Workbook 8Download
Workbook 9Download
Workbook 10Download
Workbook 11Download
Workbook 12Download
Workbook 13Download
Workbook 14Download
Workbook 15Download
Workbook 16Download
Workbook 17Download
Workbook 18Download
Workbook 19Download
Workbook 20Download

Workbooks 21-40

Workbook 21Download
Workbook 22Download
Workbook 23Download
Workbook 24Download
Workbook 25Download
Workbook 26Download
Workbook 27Download
Workbook 28Download
Workbook 29Download
Workbook 30Download
Workbook 31Download
Workbook 32Download
Workbook 33Download
Workbook 34Download
Workbook 35Download
Workbook 36Download
Workbook 37Download
Workbook 38Download
Workbook 39Download
Workbook 40Download

Workbooks 41-60

Workbook 41Download
Workbook 42Download
Workbook 43Download
Workbook 44Download
Workbook 45Download
Workbook 46Download
Workbook 47Download
Workbook 48Download
Workbook 49Download
Workbook 50Download
Workbook 51Download
Workbook 52Download
Workbook 53Download
Workbook 54Download
Workbook 55Download
Workbook 56Download
Workbook 57Download
Workbook 58Download
Workbook 59Download
Workbook 60Download