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Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene Questions

  1.  What does hygiene mean?  
  2. What does hygiene include for us daily?
  3. Besides good hygiene, what else is important for us to do daily to be healthy?  
  4. If you forget to keep clean, what might happen? 
  5. What are some of the physical effects of bad hygiene? 
  6. Where can you find viruses and bacteria? 
  7. What is in our intestines that help us digest food? 
  8. What do bacteria do for us in our intestines?  
  9. What do bacteria do in our mouths?  
  10. What prevents plaque from destroying your teeth and gums? 
  11. How often should you brush and floss your teeth?  
  12. What should you brush in your mouth besides your teeth?  
  13. How long should you brush your teeth?  
  14. What other parts of your body do bacteria like to grow in?  
  15. What might happen if you don’t keep your armpits and private parts clean? 
  16. Why do you need to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom?  
  17. How long should you spend washing your hands with clean soapy water?  
  18. What could happen if you touch a scratch or your eyes with germs on your hands? 
  19. Where else can you pick up germs other than the bathroom?
  20. What are two reasons to clean your personal space?  
  21. What does your skin produce during puberty that bacteria loves to eat? 
  22. What are three things that can help you from smelling bad?  

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