Michigan History – Native Americans thru Statehood

History of Michigan From Native Americans to Statehood-Questions

  1. What does inhabitant mean?
  2. Who were the first inhabitants of Michigan?
  3. What were the names of the Native American Tribes in Michigan?
  4. What does Pastoral Nomads mean?
  5. When did the first Europeans come to Michigan?
  6. What is the Northwest Passage?
  7. What did Father Jacques Marquette found in Michigan?
  8. What people wanted furs for their clothing other than Native Americans?
  9. Who was the chief of the Ottawa Tribe?
  10. Who won the seven-month siege in Detroit?
  11. What community in Michigan has the French, English, Spanish and American flags flown?
  12. What states were part of the Northwest Territory in 1787?
  13. What year did the British finally surrender to the Americans in Michigan?
  14. What years were treaties signed in Michigan with the Native Americans?
  15. What two lakes were connected with the Erie Canal?
  16. Why did Michigan’s European/American population triple in growth after 1825
  17. What attracted European/American people to Michigan?
  18. Who was the first territorial Governor in Michigan?
  19. When was the constitution of Michigan first ratified?
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