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Online Stamp Game

Try our new Online Stamp Game. I have recorded Presentations for Static and Dynamic Addition. Here is the link to the Online Stamp Game: Here is a pdf of Addition Equations for the Stamp Game First, let’s try Static Addition Now let’s see how to do Dynamic Addition. That is addition with exchanging. Thank …Read More

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More About Reptiles

Please enjoy this story “About Reptiles” Here is the slide presentation of the story so that you can practice reading, or can see all the pictures! Our Michigan state reptile is the Painted Turtle. Here is a list of all the reptiles that are found in Michigan. which ones have you seen? You can draw …Read More

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Parts of a Reptile Series

Parts of a Turtle Turtles are Reptiles. Other Reptiles are Lizards, Snakes, Crocodiles, Alligators, and Dinosaurs! A Turtle has the following parts: Shell or Carapace Tail Limbs Claws Head Belly or Plastron What other types of Reptiles can you think of? What parts are different on them?

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