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Language Resources 3

Short Vowel 3 Letter Words

These activities are for your child after they have used the Beginning, Ending and Middle sound works in the previous Language Resource Lessons.

First, this work is pictures and you help your child to sound out and write down the sounds. Or “spell” the word with a moveable alphabet, any source of individual abc’s that is lower case.

This work is to be used as a sort of spelling list. You can read the word to your child and they write down the sounds. Or, again, they “spell” the word with a moveable alphabet. Then, you give the list to the child so that they can check their own work.

Next, the your child sounds out words and matches them to pictures. This activity also includes a control for self checking their work.

Remember, only as much work time on these activities as your child’s interest allows. Help them as much as they need it and be ready to back up to a previous lesson if they are having difficulty.

This work is done at the same time as the workbooks, for those that are able to write.

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