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Handwriting Lessons w/ Mr. Joel (Parts 1-5)

These lessons can be very difficult depending on what level the student is at. It can often take years to master simply the basics of handwriting. The letters are grouped together in each of the videos due to the development of movements that the child learns and builds upon. I do not suggest that a child tries to take on a whole video’s worth of lessons at once unless they are very advanced. Typically in class, I will give them two letters a week. Then they will practice those letters on blank paper or 3-lined paper (depending on skill level). Also, I will usually give the beginners dots to start on. With that being said, feel free to hit the the pause button generously and keep track of your child’s progress. In other words, build these foundational skills slowly and carefully while trying to remember how much you personally loved practicing handwriting in school… 😉

Part 1 ( r n m h b p )

Part 2 ( c o a d g q u y )

Part 3 ( i j t f l k )

Part 4 ( v w x )

Part 5 ( z s e )

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