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Body Image

Body Image Questions

  1.  What is an “ideal of beauty?”
  2.  Does the average person look the same as a model?
  3.  What makes YOU memorable?
  4.  What makes YOU an individual?
  5.  Why can strength be found in differences?
  6.  What would it be like if we all looked the same?
  7.  How you treat your body now affects what in your future?
  8. What are three things that can ruin your body in the future? 
  9. Is the shape your body is in now while you are growing the same as it will be when you are older?
  10. What time in your life is called “The one long transition period?”
  11. Can you make your body look like someone else’s?
  12. Why can’t you make your body look just like someone else’s? 
  13. What is the biggest factor in determining what your shape and size will be?
  14. Who is best for us to try to model ourselves after?
  15. Who are some people you can compliment?
  16. Why give others compliments?
  17. Who can help you with your size if you think that it is a problem?
  18. What can they help you with?
  19. Is it healthy to look in the mirror all of the time and judge yourself?
  20. What can you do instead of judging your appearance all of the time?
  21. What can volunteering do for you?
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