No School March 12th 2014

March 12th, 2014

There will be no school today due to extreme weather.Stay warm and safe.

Chick Moorman Workshop

February 25th, 2014

Join us Thursday, March 6th from 6:30 pm for a wonderful and inspiring workshop “Parent Talk: Words that Empower, Words that Wound” presented by author Chick Moorman. Chick is a funny, wonderful and inspiring speaker and parent educator. Learn more about Chick at The suggested donation to our scholarship fund  is $20.00 per person or $30.00 per couple. Child care is free for ages 2.5 and up. See you there!

The Great Lessons of the Montessori Elementary Curriculum

January 30th, 2014

Maple Tree is excited to present our next Parent Study Group on February 13th @ 6:30 pm…”The Great Lessons”. The Great Lessons are the underlying foundation for the Montessori Elementary Cosmic Curriculum…”that from which all else comes”. Ms Hema will delight us with an actual and dynamic presentation of the First Great Lesson “The Coming of the Universe”. She and Mr. Kyle will then take us on a journey through:

2. ” The Coming of Life”
3. ” The Coming of Humans”
4. ” The Coming of Writing”

They will demonstrate how these basic lessons expand to create the flow that characterizes the “uncommon core” of a Montessori Elementary program. And then Mr. Kyle will close with a presentation of the Fifth Great Lesson, “The Coming of Numbers”.

This is an experiential opportunity not to be missed! Child care will be available for this special Parent Study Group. I hope you can all attend. Here is an interesting link of a video made to visualize the sequence of these Great Lessons…others are also available on YouTube.

No School Wednesday, January 29th

January 23rd, 2014

Maple Tree Montessori will be closed Wednesday, January 29th due to extreme weather. Please stay safe and warm.

Upcoming Enrollment Events

January 21st, 2014

Maple Tree Montessori is currently re-enrolling our existing students and their siblings for our 2014 / 2015 school year. We will begin Open Enrollment to the public on February 1st by enrolling students on our waiting list and then we will continue to enroll new students until our classrooms are full for fall. All interested, prospective parents are invited to the following events:

January 25th – Brighton Library Pre-School Open House 11:00 – 2:00

January 29th – Howell Library Pre-School Open House 10:00 – 12:00

February 1st 11:00 – 1:00 Open House

February 13th @ 6:30 Parent Study Group
Hema Paul and Kyle Radcliffe “Montessori Elementary”

March 1st 11:00 – 1:00 Open House

March 6th @ 6:30 Parent Study Group
Author Chick Moorman
“Parent Talk- Words That Wound, Words That Heal”

April 5th 11:00 – 1:00 Open House

April 10th @ 6:30 Parent Study Group
Kyle Radcliffe “Concrete to Abstract: Montessori Math”

May 3rd 11:00 – 1:00 Open House

May 8th @ 6:30 Parent Study Group
Julie Harrison and Sue Cherry “What is a Biome?”
Summer Camp and Enrichment Classes

Maple Tree Montessori is also hosting “Shadow Day” for prospective Elementary students on Friday, February 7th. Your child is welcome to spend the day shadowing a current student. Please call 810-225-8321 to sign up or to schedule a visit to observe our classrooms.

January 2014 Events

January 5th, 2014

Thursday, January 9th @ 6:30 – Parent Study Group will feature Ms. Julie presenting “Embracing Humankind” in support of our desire for diversity and Martin Luther King Day.

Tuesday, January 14th @ 6:30 – Moving Up Night will feature Ms. Hema and Mr. Kyle discussing their programs for any parents interested in continuing their child’s Montessori education into the Elementary years. This will also kick off our Pre- Enrollment period for Fall 2014. This allows current families to reserve space before we “go public” at community library Open Houses on January 25th (Brighton) and January 29th (Howell). More information about re-enrollment will be sent out this coming week.

Thursday, January 23rd @ 6:30 – Bring your Parents to School Night in all classrooms. Please plan to attend with your child!

Saturday, February 1st 11:00 – 1:00 – Open House for Prospective Parents…invite friends and families with children to visit us, see our classrooms and meet our staff. Our Pre-Enrollment for current families will end and we will begin to accept new families for Fall 2014

We hope all interested parents can attend. If you are unable to attend and you would like to arrange a tour of our school, please call (810)225-8321

NO SCHOOL December 20th

December 20th, 2013

There will be no school today…Friday, December 20th. Sadly, our last day before break.Have a safe and Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year.

Monday, November 18 NO SCHOOL POWER OUTAGE

November 18th, 2013

Maple Tree Montessori will be closed today. We expect our power to be back on tonight..

November Open Observation Month and Much More

November 7th, 2013

School has been in session for two months…are your children happy, learning, growing academically and socially? Is your experience of school everything you would wish for your child and your family?

If you are considering a change, you are wishing for a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment for your child…please consider visiting our school. November is Open Observation Month at Maple Tree. We are welcoming all interested parents to come, observe and experience the Montessori difference!

Our year at Maple Tree is off to a wonderful start! The school is buzzing with happy, engaged children. Students are working in the classrooms, exploring, socializing and contributing to community service projects… they love to come to school!

November is an exciting month at Maple Tree.

On Thursday, the 14th at 6:30 Ms. Hema will be leading our Parent Study Group. The discussion will focus on “Grace and Courtesy…Social Development and Peace Education in a Montessori Environment”

On November 20th, our Violin, Drama and elementary students will be presenting a Celebration of the Arts.

November 22nd, Movers for Meals will be collecting our food donations for Gleaners.

We will also be hosting Maple Tree Montessori’s annual Thanksgiving Feast. Our 3 – 6 year old students prepare an amazing meal to be shared with our entire Maple Tree Montessori family.


Our teachers, students and families come together in full appreciation and share in the lovely experience of gratitude.

Montessori or Homeschooling

October 9th, 2013

Many parents, having decided that the public school system (including charter schools) does not offer a desirable learning environment for their child, consider many alternative educational systems including Montessori and homeschooling.

As you look at the various options of public, parochial and private education, homeschooling can seem quite attractive. It allows parents control over their child’s educational environment and curriculum. It provides an abundance of opportunities for children and parents to work together on educational experiences and goals.

It does however, require discipline, resources, great effort and Before you embark on such a tremendous commitment, that of total responsibility for your child’s educational needs, you may want to consider a Montessori education.

A Montessori Primary classroom is often called a “Children’s House”, a nurturing home away from home. Everything within the environment is designed for children, to stimulate and maximize the child’s desire to learn. By providing hands-on sequential materials, a cosmic curriculum, teacher observations, and liberty within limits, the Montessori prepared environment is an optimal learning experience. At the same time, the structure of the classroom, mixed ages, opportunities for choice, grace and courtesy lessons, daily living exercises and guided social interactions encourage a child’s social development and teach skills of independence, respect, empathy and cooperation.

Homeschooling parents can join support groups, engage teachers and other professionals to assist them in the teaching / learning process. This can be a very rich and rewarding experience for parents and children…it can also be difficult and challenging to teach a holistic curriculum that encompasses all areas of academic, cognitive, social and psychological development with competency, skill and objectivity.

Montessori teachers are specifically trained to provide a rich and stimulating environment tailored to the needs of each child within the context of amazingly equipped mixed age classrooms. Specials teachers provide individualized instruction in Spanish, French, Chinese, Physical Education, Music, Violin, Guitar, Drums, Drama, Art and Computer Education…all under one welcoming, peaceful and cooperative atmosphere.

If you have concerns about your child and public education, please come to visit us…see our classrooms in action, ask questions and meet our staff. As Montessorians, we appreciate and understand your concerns about your children and about their education. We are truly a Children’s House, committed to providing a nurturing individualized educational program and to enriching the lives of children and families.